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Simple but powerful fitness companion app for the iPhone. 


Since the inception of the AppStore, Full Fitness has been the top selling fitness app of all time. It has earned that distinction because of its thoughtful design and comprehensive list of features. This is a tool for those who want to take their health and fitness seriously.

Developed for amateurs and professionals alike, Full Fitness is the only companion you need at the gym.




The list of features is exhaustive. Full Fitness offers the following and even more for the cost of pocket change. We don't believe in subscriptions or in-app purchases. On time fee only for all of the following:

  • hundreds of unique exercises 

  • clear images, videos, text instruction for each exercise

  • calorie tracker with over 90,000 food items

  • cleverly designed logging feature to record each workout

  • ability to add your own exercise and track it

  • over 30 workout routines with different target goals

  • ability to email your workout logs to yourself or trainer

  • stop-watch timer to keep track of rest times

  • weight monitor with graphing abilities

  • BMI calculator

  • workout scheduler to plan workouts in advance

  • iCloud support

  • workout sharing tool to share workouts with other users

  • graph your workout results for encouragement

  • exercises grouped by muscle target (abs, arms, back, etc)

  • exercises sorted by equipment

  • measurements tracker for recording body measurements

  • photo comparison tool to visualy track your progress

  • cardio tracking included

  • stretches/warmups included


Whatever your goal,

Full Fitness has you covered.

This app was proudly made in Toronto, Canada by a passionate app developer and fitness professional.

I try to keep up with support emails, but because of the volume, I may be late with the reply. Sorry.

If you have suggestions, questions, or complaints - give me a shout:

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